A seasoned Product Manager with a strong Software Engineering background. I've been fortunate to have exposure to many areas of technology and business, across companies at all stages of growth and across multiple countries and cultures. Currently at Google, where I work as a Senior Product Manager, leading the Google Domains registrar product and its interaction across Google services, running this product to a P&L. I was the founder for a small IT business in Venice, Italy, serving the local businesses with a special focus in Security and RFIDs. I love traveling and working with people from all walks of life and cultures, and helping instill a culture of respect and accountability. I love finance, data analysis, cloud platforms and open source: I'm the type of person that consider fun running a server, 3d printer, and ham radio in their basement. I've visited over 30 countries, worked across many culture and teams. I own a US ham general radio license (KJ7HVX). I've taught Google product management classes and mentored individuals across the product management career spectrum.